Semalt Advice On How To Optimize For Branded Organic Search Traffic

Businesses are constantly trying to elevate their brand's recognition online and offline. To ensure that our clients get the best services and experiences with Semalt, we have learned to optimize our clients' websites for branded organic search. 

This has opened up a lot of opportunities for our clients, and it does wonders in fast-tracking your website to No1 on SERP. If you believe that this service isn't for you, ask yourself this question. "If I type in my brand name into Google Search right now, what results will I see?" Answering this question shows you just how important brand recognition can be. 

When a consumer is searching for your brand, you want SERP to be dominated by your content. The links that top SERP should all point the searcher to pages on your website. 

What is Branded Organic Search?

A branded search occurs when a search engine user types a specific brand's name into a search engine. As marketers, we hope for these kinds of searches because we believe that these searches are a result of genuine interest from the searcher. They could be a potential or even an already existing customer. Either way, we hope this helps consumers love the brand more. 

Today, the landscape of organic search has changed significantly from what it used to be many years ago. Today, branded searches provide a wealth of valuable intel that helps the brand convert better. Let's say branded searches can now provide search engine users quick and vital information about the business. From a branded search, users can now see local results, image results, news results, reviews, and so much more. 

There are many reasons why an internet user may decide to perform a branded search. It is normal to see your competition, potential investors, or even candidates that are looking for new career opportunities perform branded searches. 

What matters is what search engine users find when they search for your brand. What message do they see, is your brand represented properly? Hopefully, these individuals search your brand name correctly because if they don't, you can easily lose that traffic. one way to gather this lost traffic is by adding possible misspellings of your brand name to a branded PPC search campaign. 

Resolving Branded Search Confusion in SERPs

It is possible to encounter several unsavory situations when people search for a brand that is spelled the same way or similar to another brand. In reality, several brands share similar names. Often, brands add or remove an element in their names to make a difference.

These brands will have many people looking for information on them via search engines.  Having similar names means that they compete for traffic on news SERP pages and Video search pages. And this competition will go on for the millions of searches they get daily.

In marketing, we always advise businesses to use unique names. Especially when you're new to the market. Having a similar name to a major game player in your industry usually doesn't end well. Doing this, however, can be difficult, so we have a strategy to help you stay unique even if you share similar brand names. 

It is also possible to experience branded search confusion when your company's audience does not fully understand what your brand name is. 

For example, there could be many versions of a brand name, and your customers or potential customers aren't sure which one represents your business. Semalt understands the risk this brings, so we will focus on brand awareness campaigns to combat the misuse of your brand name in the marketplace.

By educating your audience, we inform them of your presence by constantly mentioning your brand name throughout the campaign. That way, your audience becomes accustomed to the brand name, how it is spelled, and what it represents. In the end, your brand will experience a rise in adoption and accuracy. 

Your brand name will be built as the standards in your voice / tone. We will create editorial guidelines to ensure that all your employees walk in line with the message you're trying to pass across to your audience. With your employees contributing, your brand name is bound to take root in the market in no time. 

Semalt keeps track of our brand exposure efforts in the search terms reported inside the console. Hopefully, and with time, the number of accurate branded searches will start to rise. And while we do this, we also focus on the elements we can control, which includes optimizing for all the spots within a branded search result page. 

Optimizing for branded search SERP

A lot of resources are required to make this possible. Trying to appear everywhere isn't something all brands can pull off. However, Semalt is ready to work within your budget and give you the best chance possible. 

We understand that you want to appear in the first organic position of your branded searches, and we are dedicated to making that dream possible. To pull this off, here are some techniques we employ. These techniques affect different sections of the search engine so that your brand is fully optimized for every aspect of SERP. 

Organic search results

Blue links or standard search listings are the most common results search engine users look for. Typically, this is the first thing brands optimize for. Using onsite and offsite optimization techniques, we can get your website closer to organically ranking first. 

We often target your branded keywords on the homepage. To do so, we have added these branded keywords to the title tags, H2s, and H3s. 

On other pages, we can still use the branded keywords on the titles, but we take things down a notch. We don't want to bore the readers or make them think they were "overdoing" things. 

Using the brand name and keyword across your website ensures that your brand name is associated with the other pages on your site. It also increases the chances of other pages showing up in branded searches. 

We also have to consider long-tail searches. It is common to see search engine users search a brand name and include words like "pricing," "description," "products / services" at the end. These long-tail keywords indicate that the searcher is interested in more specific information about your company. Having pricing, about us, and address pages on your website help meet the needs of these searches.

As you build authority and as your brand grows, you will begin to gather branded stories from other websites with high authority. Your chances of showing up for branded searches also increase as well. 

Ideally, the stories from other relevant websites will show up as well in SERP. This is important because they show your readers that you offer something(s) good and favorable. 

If this doesn't happen, we can reach out to qualified websites to offer branded stories to build your site. 

Organic Local Results

The right side of SERP holds great promise for businesses with a strong local presence. Claiming your Google My Business Account is the first step in harnessing its benefits. 

As a business owner, you must be ready to verify certain details when setting up this account. You can look up our Optimization for Local SEO (hyperlink this to the related article) to see all that's required as well as the benefits of having your business registered on Google. 

Organic Video Results

Have you noticed that when you search for particular brands, you see a video appear in the SERP? This is because some brands have a YouTube channel, and for that reason, they are optimized for video SERP. 

It is customary to create a channel name and include the brand name. With this, your top-performing videos will appear when your brand is searched. 

Organic Image Results 

Having images that represent your brand can be a good thing. Like with videos, these options give users a more visual representation of what your brand means. By labeling these images with your brand name, you inform Google's bot on what these images represent. This way, your images optimize when your brand name is searched. 


SERP is ever-evolving. By understanding the landscape, we can create content for all possible placements and give your brand the recognition it craves. 

After laying down the initial groundwork, you must be patient as we continue to put effort, patience, and agility into ensuring your brand takes its rightful spot in branded searches. 

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